The Water

Natural Mineral Water


Our natural mineral water originates from our well-preserved land of approximately 120 acres. The land itself and its neighbouring areas are completely free from industrial activities, the landscape is unaltered and protected from outsiders.

The mineral water industry is strictly regulated and it is vital that we comply with the rules and regulations. All our wells constructed on the 120 acre land have conformed to the 200 metre radius rule which had been recently introduced to the industry. To ensure purity, the land owned by the company is twice the size as required by the Ministry of Health (MoH) Malaysia in obtaining a mineral water license.

With several wells established in the area, we are able to benefit from a continuous flow of mineral water without exploiting the natural balance. Every well of ours is fully integrated with advance sensors to provide the optimum amount of water output.

Raw water is procured from more than 100 meters below ground level, where it lies dormant for hundreds of years in the aquifers. After rain water gradually percolates through the many layers of sands, gravels, granite rocks and sandstones, it slowly resides on the bedrock. Acting as an exceptional natural filter, the soil and rocks help the water to gain its genuinely unique taste. Prolonged contact with the natural minerals in the underground also allows the water to naturally absorb a natural balance of minerals.

Our mineral water treatment facility purifies and filters raw water so that it can be consumed safely. Nonetheless, the high natural mineral traces are fully unaltered and the distinct taste of the water is kept throughout the filtration process. Maintaining the water quality is our highest priority in the production chain. We have a team of QC/QA to oversee the treatment process and run hourly laboratory test on the water to ensure quality consistency.

You can be rest assured that every drop of water is untouched throughout the whole production process. What you drink is what nature intends it to be. From the extraction points to each bottle, the purity of our water is beautifully maintained.

Pure Drinking Water


In the production of our pure drinking water, the water goes through a stage known as Reverse Osmosis (RO). This advanced filtration method efficiently removes many large types of molecules and ions in the water by applying the appropriate pressure. The main component of the RO system is activated carbon filters which functions are to trap and separate organic chemicals and chlorine from the water.

The result is perfectly pure drinking water, accompanied with smooth and refreshing taste, perfect for quenching your thirst. The difference in the mineral content is what separates drinking water from natural mineral water. Pure drinking water contains near zero natural mineral, which is suitable for everyone.