We do our best in preserving the environment that we live in. By maximising resource allocation and utilisation, we make sure there is no wastage in our processes. Here are a few examples that we do on a daily basis:

PET resin is the raw material in producing our bottles and therefore we give in our full attention in sourcing from a reliable supplier. We do thorough inspection and verification on every batch that comes in our factory before using it for production. Our PET bottles are 100% recyclable and reusable. In our production processes, we recycle all the rejects through a responsible third-party recycling centre.

We have redesigned our bottles to use less PET resin while maintaining the same strength and clarity. Our bottles are designed to be not only ergonomically suitable for daily consumption, but also thin and strong enough to withstand logistics and daily stress. Our newly introduced capping system also allows for thinner caps to be used and therefore reducing overall plastic consumption.

We are constantly reusing our wooden pallets for logistics and storage use. Any wooden pallet that is beyond repair is sent to be recycled. We have also started using plastic pallets as they are sturdier and lighter. Similarly, our paper carton boxes are reused and recycled throughout the various processes. We believe that small efforts when aggregated could lead to something greater.

In our facilities we utilise electric forklifts to move stuff around and they prove to be more versatile than traditional diesel forklifts. Electric forklifts not only saves energy consumption, they also ensure that our facilities are smoke-free. On the logistics side, our trucks are constantly maintained by our in-house technicians to make sure they consume fuels as cleanly as possible. We strictly stick to the permitted load approved by the government to be as environmentally responsible as we can.