About the Company

Our History

MALEE MINERAL WATER SDN BHD was established in 2007 with a goal to provide quality bottled mineral water with exceptional delivery service at a competitive value.

We are very passionate in sharing the purest natural mineral water with our consumers and the public. From day to day we work very hard to make sure that every single bottle leaves the factory at an international standard that we have built our foundation upon.


The company is situated in the middle of the tropical rainforest which is located at the Mersing District of Johor. The water source and production facility are both 10 kilometres away from the nearest town, therefore the water in each bottle is virtually free from pollutions and contaminations from urban development. Due to our natural location, our water sources are of the purest. Our area spans across a region of approximately 120 acres, 90% of which is reserved for underground water extraction. In our effort to protect our water sources, the land is well preserved and free from any industrial activity.


We began our business with the production of pure drinking water using the Reverse Osmosis (RO) method. With the introduction of advanced technologies and skilled workforce, we were able to produce clean and crystal clear drinking water while maintaining a cost efficient operation. In 2011, the company then ventured into making bottle mineral water after obtaining the mineral water production licence approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Henceforth we have been focusing our production on drinking water and more importantly, pure natural mineral water.


MALEE MINERAL WATER SDN BHD is still growing at a remarkable rate since its inception. From our origin as a small drinking water provider in 2007, we have grown exponentially from strength to strength and are now supplying both mineral and drinking water in the local as well as overseas markets. We continue to seek ways to progress forward and aim to become one of the leading bottled water manufacturers in Malaysia.

Why Choose Us?

Fast Lead Times


Our high capacity production lines ensure full truck orders are completed within a single day. Once the initial set up process and delivery are complete, subsequent orders under the right conditions could be completed within that day and delivered the next day if required.



Our way of operating and processing allow us to have a high level of flexibility and customisability to cater to everyone’s needs. We welcome anyone with specific requirements which include logistics, bottle and label design, carton specifications and more.

Wide Distribution Network


We have over 26 trucks and trailers that range from 6 wheelers to 26 wheelers. Our extensive distribution network covers the whole of Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore. Sabah and Sarawak are amongst the regions we deliver as well. Wherever you need it, we will get it there.

Quality Control


Quality and consistency in standards are what we pursue at all times, and we focus heavily on our quality control and assurance. Our QA and QC division has a fast and reliable response rate who can provide answers to any technical question in quality and operations.

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